Association for Assistance to Disabled Children-Brazil

To keep more than 5800 calls that AACD do every day, the institution relies on donations from people and companies who collaborate regularly. However, there are still over 32,000 disabled people in queues waiting for an opportunity to receive care. In some cases this queue reaches up to 8 years of waiting. So their contribution is so important.

Click here to see how the monthly contribution was used to give our children the opportunity to overcome challenges in 2010.
The Assistance Association for Disabled Children is a private, nonprofit organization that has worked for 60 years for the welfare of people with physical disabilities. She was born the dream of a doctor in Brazil who wanted to create a rehabilitation center with the same quality of centers known abroad, to treat children and adolescents with disabilities and reintegrate them into society. Thinking about Dr. Renato da Costa Bomfim assembled a group of idealistic and, in 1950, founded the AACD.